Alex Keller

DJ Name: Alex Keller
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Five Favorite bands: Flying Saucer Attack, Paul Kelly, Tower Recordings, They Might Be Giants, Light
Hobbies: Reading, video games, card games, exploring nature
Favorite KTCU Experience: hanging out at outside with our KTCU tent for college music day or for KTCU’s anniversary
About Me: I lived in Fort Worth for 18 years before moving to go to school in Rochester, NY. During my 4.5 years there, I was heavily involved with my college’s radio station and fell in love with the scene. I eventually rose to the position of FM Programming Director and had (at one point) four different shows. During the summer of 2014, I first got involved with KTCU. I continued to help during winter and summer breaks and when I graduated in December 2016, I moved back to Fort Worth and continued to help out at KTCU. Now, in addition to taking a shift or two during the week, I host my Saturday night show, Distant Station.
My Show: Distant Station, on Saturday nights from 9pm-Midnight featuring shoegaze, psychedelic, and ambient music.
Social Media:, Facebook: Distant Station