Brandon Hatfield

DJ Name: Brandon Hatfield
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Five Favorite bands: Metallica, Rush, Pearl Jam, Echosmith, Coldplay
Hobbies: golf, playing sports
Favorite KTCU Experience: When doing a sports update at the top of the hour, I called this one soccer player “the Kevin Durant of Italian soccer” which couldn’t be more accurate of the situation!
About Me: Los Angeles born and raised, I went to TCU (graduated this past May) and kicked on the football team for 3 years, which was honestly more than a dream come true! I got my degree in Sports Broadcasting because sports are my passion and I’d love to stay as close to the game as I can; as I hope to someday become a play by play announcer. I worked at KTCU last summer and got some great on-air speaking experience and I feel a lot more comfortable doing so than a year ago.
Social MediaTwitter & Instagram: @bhatty27