Cole Carpenter

DJ Name: Colective
Hometown: Bluemont, Virginia
Five Favorite bands/producers: ODESZA, Flume, The Glitch Mob, Moby, Louis The Child
Hobbies: When I’m not messing around with my mix-board, I’m cruising on my moped, enjoying the beauty of life… usually on my way to engage in an intellectual conversation about the world, whether it be with my peers, or my co-host of our developing podcast “The GVO Show: Good Vibes Only.”
Favorite KTCU Experience: My first solo show on KTCU. I was in awe to be so fortunate to be able to send out vibes over the waves, and spread a positive message through thought and sound.
About Me: I’m a friendly wanderer who sees the power of music as a universal language/medium of feeling. I grew up in Northern Virginia, a place influenced by old English heritage and the power-hub that is Washington D.C. (a struggle between old and new). I take pride in having a worldly perspective, with the everyday goal of sharing love and the beauty of life. The opportunities of this life are abundant. Let’s take advantage of them together, here, on The Colective.
Social Media:
Instagram: @colectiveradio