Evan McAuliffe

DJ Name: Evan Almighty (thanks Garrett!)
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Five Favorite bands/artists: Weezer, Portugal. The Man, Green Day, Hippo Campus, Jack White
Hobbies: Playing too many video games, watching movies and bugging my friends about them, practicing the drums, discovering new music, running
Favorite KTCU Experience: Getting to run the station on my own for the first time, also co-hosting with my man Garrett
About Me: Hey there! I’m a junior film major who’s been at KTCU since the start of 2020. I’d been wanting to join the radio station since my freshman year, but my involvement in the Horned Frog Marching Band took up all my time, so I’m so glad to finally be apart of KTCU! I love all kinds of different music and getting to show my favorite songs to people is so much fun, so KTCU is like a dream. I also like to learn interesting things about the songs I like, so getting to share fun facts on the air is pretty cool too. 🙂
Social Media: Evan’s Instagram, TwitterEvan’s Tweets