George Kamar




Film, Television and Digital Media

DJ Name: George Kamar

Hometown: La Canada, CA

Five Favorite bands/artists: TWRP, Daft Punk, The Strokes, Jacob Collier, The Weeknd

Hobbies: Playing drums, listening to music, playing video games, watching film/tv/YouTube, photography, video editing

Favorite KTCU Experience: One day before the KTCU class, we did a name game where we had to give people a name that wasn’t their real name but rather a name that fit what they looked like. It’s definitely the best class environment I’ve been a part of, and I enjoy hanging out with all the deejays.

About Me: I’m a sophomore Film, Television, and Digital Media major with a minor in Digital Culture and Data Analytics. I enjoy anything technology related as well as watching sports (mostly football, baseball, and college basketball).

Social Media: Instagram – @george.k.12