Kieran Givens




Computer Science

DJ Name: Kieran Givens

Hometown: McKinney, Texas

Five Favorite bands/artists: Tame Impala, my bloody valentine, Deftones, Mac Miller, George Clanton

Hobbies: Playing guitar, video games, golf, college football, and collecting vinyl

Favorite KTCU Experience: Rambling on about how good the skate 3 soundtrack was then playing a song from it

About Me: I’m a sophomore computer science major who loves to overspend on coffee and tell you about what I’ve been listening to lately even if you do not care. My favorite drink is a toss up between coke or cold brew with vanilla and cream but the ratio of the vanilla and cream to the cold brew has to be right.

Social Media: Instagram – kierangivenss
            Twitter – kierangivenzzz