Michael Moroney

DJ Name: Michael Moroney
Hometown: Dallas, TX
About Me: Mr. Moroney is a lifelong Dallasite, a graduate of Stanford, and a veteran of DFW radio stations KZEW and The Ticket. Along the way, Richard Allen, Bruce Carey, Mykel Smith and Ronei Harden have been contributors of note. Michael is a fan of special KTCU broadcasts, like the Coachella echo and the KTCU birthday shows (Oct. 5).
Five Favorite bands/producers: Among the many performers he loves are Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, Beck, Prince and the good ol’ Grateful Dead.
Hobbies: Hobbies include golf, wine and reading (fiction and non-fiction). Very happily married to Ronei. Two of his favorite local concerts were the Who at Tarrant County Convention Center in 1977 and the London Green-Shoed Cowboys at Will Rogers in ’78.
Social Media: Night Skool has a Facebook group that is live during each broadcast – Night Skool on KTCU. So very happy to admit membership to any lover of music who longs for a community devoted to entertainment.