Nick Friedler

DJ Name: Nick “Freeze” Friedler
Hometown: Danville, California
Five Favorite bands: Borns, Foster The People, M83, Louis the Child, Rolling Stones
Hobbies: Riding my bike along the Trinity River, going on hikes, attending concerts and music festivals, travelling to new destinations, watching sports.
Favorite KTCU Experience: Hosting my first late-night specialty show and getting a caller to tell me he really enjoyed the music I was playing.
About Me: Originally born in Ohio, DJ Freeze began exploring the world at an early age. He moved to Northern California where he developed a sense of love for the environment and the world around him. He developed a strong taste in music during his teen years, attending his first music festival (Outsidelands Music Festival) at age 14. Since then, he has been to over thirty concerts and ten music festivals in a variety of cities and states. Throughout his life, his taste in music has bounced around, reaching some of the most unappreciated genres of music like Future House and Indie Rock. He has always had a dream of becoming a live DJ and KTCU has helped make that dream come true!
Social Media: @Nickersbar on Twitter and @frieduhler on Instagram!