Ryan Chudy




Strategic Communications

DJ Name: Ryan Chudy/ Dr. Spinn (with two N’s)

Hometown: Round Rock, Texas

Five Favorite bands/artists: Slaughter to Prevail, Powerwolf, Brand of Sacrifice, Lorna Shore, I Prevail

Hobbies: Getting down with the boys, listening to good music, arguing over what movie to watch for at least an hour.

Favorite KTCU Experience: Reading PSA’s, accidentally downloading ransomware on the computer because I was trying to download free music on LimeWire.

About Me: I’m a sophomore and a proud Strategic Communications major at Texas Christian University. I love standup comedy, and just laughing in general. I can find humor in pretty much anything. Also, I’m 6’7” and there’s nothing you can do to disprove that.

Social Media: Instagram- ryan.chudy.1 Snapchat- chudster2