Sara Victoria Wells




Film, Television and Digital Media

DJ Name: DJ SaV

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Favorite Bands/Artists: Beastie Boys, RHCP, Weezer, The Lumineers, Yung Gravy, Green Day, Led Zeppelin

Hobbies: writing, acting (theatre major!), reading books about philosophy, naps

Favorite KTCU experience: being “trained” by DJ Slay and having the most random subjects for our talk stops that turn into 30 minute conversations

About me: I’m a sophomore double major in Film and Theatre on the acting track. I fell in love with music at a pretty young age because it was super important to my dad that we all had well rounded and eclectic music tastes! I’m a big fan of concerts but music festival tickets are where I spend all of my paychecks.

Social Media: Instagram – @sarahwells616