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KTCU has BIG news…no…HUGE news…no…MONUMENTAL news!!! We are on the FM airwaves 24/7! Gone are the days of us signing on at 6AM and turning off at Midnight. You can now listen to ‘The Choice’ morning, noon, and night both streaming AND on your radio. Hows that for a big step into the modern radio world?! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Speaking of streaming… RadioFX app, Radio.net, look us up on the TuneIn app, or stream us in the TCU Mobile app (iOS).


Meach Pango releases new single on KTCU

June 17, 2019

The guys from Meach Pango came by to release their new single, Built For the Tilt and talk about their new album, playing Fortress Festival and how you can get Meached!

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Geoff visits with Mean Motor Scooter in studio

October 26, 2018

Geoff sat down with Sammy, Rebekah, Joe and Chase from Mean Motor Scooter to talk about the band, their upcoming Lolaween show with Loafers, Wrex, Ting Tang Tina, and Son of Stan, and what’s in store for 2019 for the band.

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Adam Elk of The Mommyheads visits KTCU

October 23, 2018

Adam Elk, lead singer of The Mommyheads and founder of Storefront Music joined Janice and Geoff for an interview about the music industry, The Mommyheads touring Sweden, and his company Storefront Music. Adam also performed two acoustic songs just for your KTCU listening ears.

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Jeff Ryan and James Henderson from Motorcade visit KTCU

August 21, 2018

Jeff Ryan and James Henderson from Motorcade sat down with our co-station manager Geoffrey Craig and talked about their album, how they formed, what’s next and more.

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Nick Wright from Caved Mountains joins Radio Bapola

July 17, 2018

Nick Wright from Caved Mountains joined Radio Bapola host Steve Levering this past Saturday to update us on his new band, Caved Mountains and the upcoming show they have on August 4th. Nick is a TCU Alum, class of 2003.

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