If you are a TCU student with a passion for music, there’s a place for you at KTCU!
Whether you’re interested in music programming, writing and producing, wanting to gain confidence in speaking/presenting, or just looking for a fun and creative college experience, KTCU gives you a unique opportunity—the chance to broadcast to thousands of listeners in the fifth largest media market in the U.S….and even more listeners on streaming.

What if I don’t plan to pursue a career in radio?
That is absolutely ok! We have students involved with the station that are in majors ranging from Film, to Economics, to Theatre, to Math, to Nursing. Just participating in college radio is a great opportunity for students who love music and are interested in any form of media relations. KTCU DJs not only learn the basic concepts of running radio equipment, but also work on communication skills, production, script writing, interviewing, time management, and more. Think of it this way…ALL careers call for good communication skills and confidence.

Do I need previous broadcasting experience?
No previous radio experience is required! Operating the broadcast equipment may seem challenging at first, but we provide you with all the educational mentorship you need. It takes a little training and preparation time, but pre-required technical skills are not necessary. After a short learning period, you’ll feel comfortable in your role as a student radio disc jockey. Please know that KTCU is a cooperative operation, so student participation (along with radio management) in some staff duties, events, and other initiatives are required.

How do I join KTCU?
For other questions or to schedule an audition, please send an email to either of our station co-managers:
Geoffrey Craig or Janice McCall