The significant difference in commercial and noncommercial radio is underwriting. A commercial radio station broadcasts advertising to sell a product/service that is paid for by a business or organization. For public radio, underwriters in the form of businesses, foundations, and/or organizations make contributions in support of informing the listening audience without “hard selling” a product or service.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that underwriting announcements may not include overt promotional language (“the best”). Also, A call to action (“go”), pricing information (free is a price), and inducements (“buy 1 get 1”) to buy or sell are not allowed. Mention of alcohol and tobacco will not be accepted and final approval of copy is at the discretion of KTCU management. These regulations serve to protect the non-commercial quality that public radio listeners value so highly.

KTCU 88.7 FM is a non-commercial, public radio station licensed to Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth TX. This noncommercial status prohibits KTCU from selling commercial time and airing traditional commercials. KTCU is allowed, however, to solicit underwriting and air underwritten announcements that may include:

1) Name and address of the business.
2) Contact Information (phone, website, social media).
3) Value-neutral descriptions of service or product offered.

When your organization contributes to underwriting on KTCU, you help support an important local programming asset and public service, and provide your business or organization with a significant marketing advantage at the same time. The public radio listener positively identifies the underwriter with the long history and caliber of programming found on FM 88.7 KTCU.

As an investment in underwriting with KTCU, we offer your organization:

*An effective companion in marketing and advertising campaigns.
*An association with KTCU and Texas Christian University, which strengthens public perception of your company’s commitment to the community and the quality of its services.
*70% of public radio’s listeners say that support of noncommercial radio has a positive influence on their decision to support a company’s products and services.

If you are interested in underwriting KTCU programming, please contact Leah Griffin at 817-257-6274 or leah.griffin@tcu.edu.