Specialty Shows

Night Skool

Thursday Nights 7pm – 10pm (On hiatus during Covid-19)

Host:  Michael Moroney

Night Skool is radio for those who crave variety. Rooted in rock, the show visits many genres: funk, pop, jazz, folk, soul, country, bluegrass, soundtracks, alternative and then some. It varies from show to show. Entertaining, enlightening and proudly eclectic, episodes are seriously curated and often thematic. Night Skool, in session most Thursday nights, 7 PM -10 PM.
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The Good Show

Saturday Mornings 9am – 12pm (On hiatus during COVID-19)

Hosts:  Tom Urquhart & Chris Bellomy

Keep in touch with KTCU’s award-winning magical mystery tour known as The Good Show and your modest-yet-devastatingly-handsome hosts, Tom Urquhart and Chris Bellomy with cameos from a cast of thousands of established and up-and-coming Texas artists.

The show features the latest in modern rock including the occasional deep cut, classic cut or something completely off the programming map. There’s an added dose of original music, rock and otherwise, from Texas and surrounding areas. Regional artists are also highlighted with regular in-studio visits and performances, often debuting formerly unreleased material.


Radio Sputnik

Saturday Afternoons 12pm – 2pm (On hiatus during COVID-19)

Host:  DJ Janice

Like the 1957 Soviet satellite of the same name, KTCU’s award-winning radio show and Saturday staple “Sputnik” is spherical, pointy in parts and takes about 98 minutes to orbit the Earth on its elliptical path. This Sputnik sends far more than just beeps back to earth, though—its playlists boast the latest and best indie rock, unreleased tracks, and tunes from DFW’s burgeoning independent music scene, along with requests and hourly updates of local happenings. Tune in to Sputnik each Saturday afternoon and enjoy as your host DJ Janice navigates the musical cosmos to bring you songs and information that you won’t hear anywhere else but The Choice.

Radio Bapola

Saturday Afternoons 3pm – 5pm (on hiatus during COVID-19)

Host: Steve Levering

A revolving mix of punk, funk, rock, reggae, dance and other miscellany that sounds great. Wonderfully weird & funky music for a wonderfully weird & funky town.

Rock Menagerie

Sunday Nights 7pm

Host:  Dale Gleitz

The Rock Menagerie has evolved from its beginnings as an outlet for album tracks to theme-based programming, i.e. each week’s music shares a common bond. Past highlights include the annual Halloween Special and the nights where the songs were about dogs, Hollywood or Mother’s Day.

The music featured on the Rock Menagerie is generally up tempo rock-and-roll songs from 1964 to present, all selected by host Dale Gleitz. The play list includes all genres of rock and roll. On a given Sunday night, you might hear several of these musical classifications: heavy metal, jazz fusion, bubble gum, new wave, stadium rock, novelty songs, comedy bits, country rock, psychedelic, etc.

E-mail: RockMenagerie@netscape.net



The Book Show/The Best of our Knowledge 8am – 9am

Two 30 minute educational radio shows from NE Public Radio (wamc.org). The Book Show interviews authors and discusses new and classic printings. The Best of our Knowledge delves into the world of education…both in the classroom and on the state level.

Curtain Up! 9am – 10am

Host:  Dr. Harry Parker
Curtain Up! is KTCU’s weekly journey into the world of Musical Theatre? Join us each week for an hour of the greatest songs from one of the most popular art forms ever created – we’ll explore the famous, the rare, the classics and the cutting edge, all from the Musical Theatre. Your host is Dr. Harry Parker, Chair of TCU’s Department of Theatre. Be sure to join us for Curtain Up! each Sunday morning on KTCU.

Email: theatre@tcu.edu


The Naked Scientists 10am – 11am

Based at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), the Naked Scientists are a team of scientists, doctors and communicators whose passion is to help the general public to understand and engage with the worlds of science, technology and medicine.

University Christian Church service broadcast live 11am – 12pm

Living the Good News of Jesus Christ with Open Minds and Loving Hearts.

Classical Guitar Alive Noon – 1pm

Classical Guitar Alive! began its national broadcasts in 1997 and now celebrates its 20th year as the only nationally-broadcast guitar radio program in America.
In 1997, CGA! began its national broadcasts via NPR Distribution via satellite and since late 2015 the program is distributed online via Public Radio Exchange (PRX.org).
Now, the program is broadcast on over 250 radio stations across the USA and internationally, including internet simulcasts and podcasts, with over 100 previous editions also available to hear online, reaching over one million listeners each week.

Radio Survivor 7am-8am

The Radio Survivor podcast is a weekly show that explores the future of community media, with a focus on community radio, college radio, low-power FM and public access TV, along with podcasting and internet radio. Hosts Paul Riismandel, Eric Klein and Jennifer Waits highlight the best and most innovative audio programming and keep you updated on the news that affects our ability to make, create, hear and see great community media.