Emilia Gambucci





Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Five Fav Artists/Bands: Greta Van Fleet, Queen, Elton John, Tyler, the Creator, and Surf Curse

Hobbies: Dancing, singing, acting, surfing, watching movies, and doing crossword puzzles

Favorite KTCU Experience: Getting the chance to join KTCU!

About Me: Hello, all you beautiful people! My name is Emilia Gambucci, otherwise known as DJ EJ. I am a Theatre BA in the class of 2026. I am a Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn Rising, ENFJ, and a Gryffindor. Theatre is my greatest passion, but I also enjoy working with people who have special needs, exploring new places, and I am fluent in ASL.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to join KTCU as a new deejay!

Social Media: Instagram and TikTok: @emiliagambucci