Gabby Martin

DJ Name: Gabby Martin
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas; I’ve never left the 10-mile radius surrounding TCU.
Five Favorite bands/artists: The 1975, Childish Gambino, Blood Orange, Death Grips, Yves Tumor
Hobbies: Finding obscure samples from random songs, watching Hereditary for the 30th time, never shutting up about concerts I’ve been to, angrily tweeting about the McDonald’s McRib, writing, and videography.
Favorite KTCU Experience: My first day on-air! I forgot what I was talking about half-way through my first talk-stop, and I just burst out laughing.
About Me: Hi! My name is Gabby and I’m a freshman strategic communication major, film studies minor from Fort Worth! I love going to concerts and festivals (I’ve been to over 30) and being front row at every single one. When I’m not at KTCU, you can find me causing some sort of commotion at the Gamma Phi Beta house, writing for Her Campus, or playing with my two wiener dogs- Ginger and Mookie.
Social Media:
Instagram: @gabbybmartin
Twitter: @gothspicegrl