Lucia Guadiano




Fashion Merchandising

DJ Name: Lucia

Hometown: Panama City, Panama

Five Favorite bands/artists: The 1975, Fiona Apple, Caifanes, C. Tangana, and Jeff Buckley

Hobbies: Watching obscure movies, Drinking really good coffee, Reading, Going to the gym

Favorite KTCU Experience: The ‘Elmo’s Birthday’ bit I did with Aidan—He has the most accurate Elmo impression and he did it on air while we wished Elmo a happy birthday!

About Me: I’m a freshman Interior Design major with a minor in Art History and Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship. I love music and everything about it, especially going to concerts! I can’t not be listening to music. I grew up listening to all kinds of music and that has made a huge influence to who I am and what I listen to today.

Social Media: IG: @luciagaudianoc Spotify: Lucia Gaudiano