The Spirit of the Beehive Tour Review

Up-and-coming indie band The Spirit of the Beehive made their way to Club Dada in Deep Ellum for their spring 2022 tour on Sunday, March 13 with support from Body Meat.
The opener, Body Meat, was not what I was expecting at all. For some reason, I was expecting an emo-rapper with heavy basslines. But to my surprise, he was like if 100 gecs and Yung Lean had a baby. Performing songs from his Pitchfork-reviewed album, Year Of the Orc, Body Meat brought the energy up with hyperpoppy beats and reverbed vocals. I also genuinely thought he was the Grim Reaper in between sets due to his long black coat and skull mug (Body Meat if you’re reading this, where can I get one?)

Body Meat at Club Dada, 2022

Headliner The Spirit of the Beehive kicked their set off with more shoegaze elements than expected, but was somehow simultaneously energetic. They meant business—no lengthy, overdramatic talking breaks before songs, no songs that made me lose focus halfway through, just genuinely a band that loves shoegaze just as much as I do.
They ended their set with their hit song “Fell Asleep with a Vision”, which got the crowd mosh pit ready. After the band powered through their encore, they left the stage and left me extremely impressed, especially for a band that was selling their own merch at the merch table an hour before they went on.

The Spirit of the Beehive at Club Dada, 2022

Overall, I can see The Spirit of the Beehive playing much bigger venues the next time they come to Dallas (spoiler alert: they will—they’re opening for Animal Collective in June at Granada Theater). I’ve been looking for a newer shoegaze band that actually sticks to the genre, but not too much to where my head hurts afterwards, and I think I finally found one. All in all, The Spirit of the Beehive has gained a new fan and a new person to direct their mosh pits the next time they tour.